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((Oh fuck here comes the breakdown:

So with Rose, Donna, and Clara, it was this very personal “here it is in my hand and here I am giving it to you because you’re a sparkling star of an individual”. But with Martha, it’s dramatic and DISTANT. Their hands don’t get even close to touching. He towers above her and drops the key down to her level for her to catch and thank him profusely for.

The Doctor loves Rose. The Doctor finds a best friend in Donna. The Doctor is impossibly intrigued by the kind Clara. The Doctor has Martha pick up his time-traveller messes while he fights through the pain of his broken hearts. And isn’t that telling in this gif set? He takes something that could be very personal and kind and makes it an act so he can keep his perceived hierarchy set in stone.))

(Source: geronimo-allons-y-fantastic)

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